NORMAN MAILER v FUN CITY, USA                          50 mins  (1969)

Produced by Revel Guest, Directed by Dick Fontaine
BBC  Group W

Norman Mailer 1969 Campaign for the office of Mayor of New York City. He scandalises the American political scene. He brings his bar room and boxing ethics to the political fray, Mailer charms some, offends most and finally loses the election, shaking up a lot of taboos on the way. This is the only day –to - day filmed record of the campaign and historic behind- the scene look at Mailer at its best – browbeating his staff into submission, stumping through the street of New York that he knows so well and generally playing the gadfly. 


LAST SUMMER WE PLAYED IN THE ALPS                   50mins   (1970)

Produced and Directed by Revel Guest
BBC Group W

An unusual and highly dramatic portrait of the conductor Leopold Stokowski in action. At an international youth festival in St. Moritz, Stokowski assembles, rehearses and finally conducts The Festival Orchestra (composed of the finest young musician of all over the world). Overcoming the cultural and generational differences the irascible octogenarian bullies and cajoles the young people into surprising even themselves by the high quality of their performance. 


IF IT MOVES SHOOT IT                                               50 mins  (1970)

Produced by Revel Guest, Directed by Simon Hartog
BBC Group W

From Hammer horror to the new underground film-makers, the documentary investigates the whole range of cinematic experimentation and development that changes the look of European cinema in the mid-70’s. John Schlesinger discusses the course of his career in Europe and is film directing on the set of “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, while Francois Truffaut, Jean – Pierre Melville, and the rarely-interviewed Robert Bresson talk about film making, and other directors’ latest works. From the actor’s point of view, Richard Burton, Alain Delon and Glenda Jackson are also interviewed and caught in action on the sets of their latest works. Each of the interviews is accompanied by clips from the actors’ and directors’ best know works. 


MAKIN’ IT                                                                  100mins    (1971)

Produced by Revel Guest, Directed by Simon Hartog

Nine would- be starlets (who want to make it) are invited by seven shadowy men (who have made it) to participate in screen tests for a feature film entitled “Makin’ It”. In fact, unbeknownst to the women, the feature film is the screen test, and the resulting auditions and improvised dialogues reveal a lot about the seldom seen underside of show business. The film is shot in a strict cinema-verite format and incorporates a rare historical clip of Hitchcock’s 1929 screen test for “Blackmail”. 


THE QUIET INVASION                                                50mins     (1971)

Produced by Revel Guest, Directed by John Philips

It’s 1971 and every summer the cities and countryside of Europe are invaded by hordes of American youths, in search of culture and experiences. The film follows the fortunes of five different travellers who came to Europe ommer with little money and lots of dreams – the modern Innocents Abroad. They see Michelangelo’s David for the first time, camping out of the multilingual beaches on the Riviera, mingling with the hippies in Amsterdam – the film is a portrait of  early 70’s Europe, seen through youthful American eyes. 


LONDON ROCK                                                        50 mins     (1972) 

Produced by Revel Guest, Directed by Lawrence Moore
BBC  Metromedia Group W

What do rock groups Fairport Convention and Rod Stewart’s Faces have in common with Druids and Stonehenge? A return to the English paganism of that period in popular music when English Bands were turning to native rituals and folk ballads to inspire their latest songs. A weird wedding of London sophistication and rural traditions, electronic wizardry and Druid rites. The film includes interviews and performances by such groups as The Faces, Jethro Tull, Marc Bolan and Fairport Convention, as well as rare footage of the rock -accompanied Solstice ceremony celebrated at Stonehenge in 1969, Druids and all. 


A GIRL LIKE YOU                                                      60 mins     (1972)

Produced & Directed by Revel Guest
BBC   Group W

The film is an intimate portrait of the 1970s lifestyle seen through the eyes of 3 young girls from England, Holland and the USA.  The attitudes of these 3 girls – a ballet dancer, a secretary, and a artist’s model – reveal the startling changes in tastes and values that was taking hold – a cultural revolution of mini skirts, music and emancipation. 


PEER IN FOCUS                                                       50 mins     (1972)

Produced & Directed by Revel Guest
BBC Group W Metromedia

An inside look at the young Patrick Anson, photographer and fifth Earl of Litchfield. He was one of England’s most ambitious and successful photographers. As well as coping with the running of his vast family estate in the north of England, make for an exhilarating, if not exhausting lifestyle. The film follows Litchfield in his day-to-day routine – jet setting around the world on fashion assignments, photographing the down and out of London and entertaining Britt Ekland, David Bailey, Penelope Tree and Joanna Lumley on his estate  In between it all we learn what it takes to be a top-notch photographer and something of Litchfield’s own idiosyncratic views on his art. 


THE MAKING OF A MUSICAL                                    50mins     (1973)

Produced & Directed by Revel Guest

Galt MacDermott (composer of Hair) and playwright John Guare take their Broadway production of the musical “Two Gentleman of Verona” to London. But transplanting their street - wise rock and roll version of Shakespeare to the West End proves to be more of a challenge than they reckoned. The film records the show’s struggle from drawing board to stage – the producer, Michael White’s phone battles with his backers - the first audition, the chaotic rehearsals, the moulding of a multinational cast into an accomplished troupe. Finally the performance itself, as the diverse elements of the production come together, and a triumphant opening night. 


BLACK WHITE & BLUES                                            50 mins     (1973) 

Produced & Directed by Revel Guest
BBC + Metromedia + Group W

Blues is a state of mind, the wail of the forsaken, the cry for independence - passion, despair, and laughter – all mixed together.  This film charts the history of blues and the cultural exchange between Britain and America. Featuring the most representative authorities, their various moods and styles, including Fleetwood Mac, Chicken Shack, Savoy Brown, Muddy Waters, Pete Townsend and Jack Dupree. 


HARMONY & UNDERSTANDING                             37 mins     (1974)

Produced by Revel Guest, Directed by Tony Palmer

The finest young musicians, dancers and opera singers from all over the world gather in the highlands of Scotland for the International Young People’s Music and Dance festival. Cultures clash, mingle, and finally understand one another through music. The film is an impressionistic montage of all the rehearsing and harmonising that goes into the performances, and a more detailed look at the two “stars” of the Festival – Leopold Stokowski, and child prodigy Kyung Wa-Chung - the world famous violinist. 


THE SNAIL, THE DIPOLMAT AND THE CHASE         50 mins     (1975)

Produced and Directed by Revel Guest

The Snail is L’Escargot, the champion racehorse. The Diplomat is Raymond Guest, his owner. The Chase is the Grand National, the toughest and most dangerous steeplechase in the world. The Snail had already twice 

 won the Cheltenham Gold Cup  for Guest - the former American Ambassador to Ireland.  The Diplomat’s 20 – year ambition had been to win the Grand National, L’Escargot is entered for the Grand National. The odds are against him, and the horse, his fans and the Diplomat suffer through several frustrating years when he finished third and second. The film follows the Diplomat’s obsession from start to finish – including the magical year when, in one of the most exciting Grand Nationals ever, L’ Escargot wins. 


A SENSE OF THEATRE                                             52 mins     (1975)

Produced & Directed by Revel Guest
BBC + Group W

During the 1970s  there was a re-awakening of British theatre. Audiences were getting larger, more theatres were being built, successful playwrights were sprouting up everywhere, and British plays become one of the country’s top exports. It is said the English have a sense of stage in their blood, an affinity to the theatrical that goes back centuries. Filming West End and regional performances, sneaking around the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Rowan Atkinson, interviewing the most successful young playwrights of the 70s - Alan Ayckbourn, Tom Stoppard, Barry Keefe, Pam Gems, David Rudkin and Richard Crane. 


BOLD AS BRASS                                                      60mins      (1975) 

Produced & Directed by Revel Guest

500 of the best performers from all over Europe are invited to audition for a part in the International Festival of Youth and Symphonic Bands in Cardiff. The film follows the trails and tribulations of these young players as they audition, rehearse and perform together on the beaches and castle grounds in Cardiff. The members of the Band are finally chosen. The climax of the film is their rousing performance in the grounds of Cardiff Castle of the “1812 Overture” - fireworks and all. 


SHIPS ACROSS THE DESERT                                     30mins     (1976)

Produced & Directed by Revel Guest
Narrated By Omar Sheriff 

This documentary account of the reopening of the Suez Canal in 1975 is a portrait not just of an historic event, but of a country of remarkable contrast. A place where urban prosperity and desert poverty stand side by side, where ancient past and the ultra modern coexist uneasily. The reopening of the Canal is a highly-charged and emotional event: a fitting moment for a study of an extraordinary people at a turning point in their history.


A Celtic Celebration                                           50 mins     (1977)

Produced & Directed by Revel Guest

The National Eisteddfod is an annual celebration of Wales, a feast of music and poetry beginning with ancient Druid rituals and culminating in the awarding of the Crown and the Chair, a high prize for poetry. It is a portrait of the  800th anniversary of an Eisteddfod. Exiles from all over the world flocked to the festival to reaffirm their Welshness. They record their impressions of the Eisteddfod with its many competitions and choirs of which the Welsh are so justly proud. The film captures the spirit of the festival and a Celtic Welsh enthusiasm for poetry and music. 


ONE PAIR OF HANDS – DAVID WYNNE                  40 mins     (1977)

Produced & Directed by Revel Guest

Yehudi Menuhin described David Wynne as  “a born sculptor, an artist who works from the motion of life itself.” The film charts the progress of a particular commission from a sketch to the carving of the final figure in marble and also examines Wynne’s insistence on involving himself closely with his subject.  There are eleven sculptures around London one of which is his son with the dolphin. Before he started David spent many weeks swimming with dolphins, so to study their form of behavior.  For his massive Grizzly Bear in New York, he embarked on an expedition to track and film grizzly bears in the Canadian Rockies. 


PARIS LOST – FELIKS TOPOLSKI                              30 mins     (1980)

Produced & Directed by Revel Guest
Antenne 2

At one time, Feliks Topolski’s rapid scribbles in the middle of a crowd made him ‘more widely know to the general public than any draughtsman who ever lived’. Bernard Shaw considered him as ‘perhaps the greatest of all the impressionists in black and white’. His work in Paris disappeared during the war, only to be returned in 1963 by a German doctor who had brought them from a Russian soldier and who had later spent years deciphering the signature. 

Topolski returns to Paris half a century later to recapture the spirit of his earlier works, to find that though the architectural landscape had remained unchanged, the invasion of tourists had fashioned a modern city. This autobiography in pictures shows Topolski to have been an uncanny witness at every major world event. 


IN SEARCH OF PARADISE                                  13 x 30mins     (1981)

Produced and Directed by Revel Guest. Narrated by Sir Michael Hordern
Channel 4 + TF1 + TVOntario

This 13 part series traces man’s changing relationship with nature from the Garden of Eden to the present day.  Through the ages man has expressed himself through nature – overcoming his initial fear he has sought to dominate her and to mould her into his own image of paradise. This series explores the fruits of that struggle in the world’s most beautiful gardens. 


Ep. 1 From the Garden of Eden 

The Wilderness and how man learned to survive, thanks to the abundance of nature
Locations at Pompeii, Hadrian’s Villa, Versaille and New York’s Central Park

Ep. 2 The Mystical Island 

Chinese / Japanese near-religious reverence
Locations at Japanese/Chinese gardens - Byodo-in, Saiho-ji, Tenryu-ji, The Golden Pavilion, Ryoan-ji, Daesen-in, Sambo-in.

Ep. 3 A Carpet of Flowers

The gardens of the middle ages, walled barriers against Nature
Locations Mosque of Cordoba, Medina Azahara, Velez Benhaudulla, the Alhambra.

Ep. 4 The New Awakening

The gardens of the Renaissance and Man’s new enjoyment of earthly pleasures
Villa Medici, Orto Botanico, Padua,. Villa d’Este, Villa Farnese, Villa Lante

Ep. 5 The Renaissance in Flower 

Influence of Renaissance gardens throughout Europe and Man’s curiosity is awakened
Villa Garzoni, Schloss Hellbrum, Villandry, Cranborne, The Alcazar, Heidelberg, Rubens House.

Ep. 6 Gardens of the Sun-King 

Versaille - The greatest garden of Europe demonstrates Loui XIV power over Nature
Versaille, Vaux-le-vicomte, Trianon, Marly

Ep. 7 All Nature …   A Garden 

18thCentury England and the second Renaissance with garden designs of Capability Brown etc.
Chiswick House, Rousham, Castle Howard, Stowe, Stourhead, Bowood, Fonthill.

Ep. 8 Reflection of Grandeur 

The balancing of French and English garden traditions throughout Europe
Chatsworth, Kassel, Caserta, Herrenhausen, Beloeil, Schwetzingen, Schloss Benarth

Ep. 9 Paradise Assured

The ideals of Gardens survive the Industrial Revolution – greenhouses, Crystal Palace plus public parks and small private gardens
Alton Towers, Twickel, Weldam, Bowood, ``syon Park, Kew Gardens, Crystal Palace, Flintham Hall.

Ep. 10 Three New Worlds 

English settlers in Virginia, Spanish Monks in California, Spanish invaders in South America create new world gardens
Williamsberg, Franciscan Mission, Santa Barbara, Mexico

Ep. 11 The American Dream 

Man conquers nature and adopts European styles to the American landscape
Dumbarton Oaks, San Simeon, Huntington, Vizcaya, Dewey Donell Ranch

Ep. 12 Big Sur & Little Gardens 

Mans yearning for nature and beauty is still with us in modern times
Big Sur, Mexico City, Central Park, the Court of Freedom, Gardens-Centres, Tokyo, Leptis Magna

Ep. 13 Final Challenge 

Man’s search for a way to co-operate with Nature inspite of  his flight to the City. He creates National Parks to re-create (and preserve?) the wilderness.
Algonquin Park, Integral House, El Pedregal, New York


4 AMERICAN COMPOSERS                                 4 x 60mins     (1983)

Produced by Revel Guest, Directed by Peter Greenaway
Channel 4

Acclaimed filmmaker Peter Greenaway directed these four films as his first major television project. The films focus on the work of Philip Glass, John Cage, Robert Ashley and Meredith Monk, who have helped influence the development of contemporary music worldwide.

John Cage believes environmental sounds and noises are more interesting and more aesthetically useful than the sound produced by the world’s musical cultures.  Challenging convention and developing musical concepts through the process of chance operations and indeterminacy, Cage has become one of the world’s most revolutionary and influential composers.  In this performance to celebrate his 70thBirthday, Cage links various works through his multifarious career.


Philip Glass’s music combines Western classical with Eastern influences and visceral rock. His hypnotic, rhythmic sound is appreciated by rock, jazz and classical audiences alike, which has made him one of the most successful living American composers.  This film features The Philip Glass Ensemble performing passages from Einstein on the Beach, Music in Similar Motion, and Glassworks, and revealing interviews with Glass on his creative process.


Robert Ashley has created a new musical genre that breaks the accepted tradition of how images and sounds go together in a dramatic form. He performs excerpts from Perfect Lives, a surreal comic opera about reincarnation – which takes place somewhere in Illinois, where the strange events of everyday life are unfolding. Using on-stage television sets from multiple imaging, Ashley’s voice is at the centre of continuous song narrative of these episodes in American small town mythology.


Meredith Monk a multimedia artist, has transcended the boundaries of vocal song in her exploration of the outer limits of the human voice. Her choreography employs primordial, futuristic ballet movements. She is also her own composer and filmmaker and blends them all into a unique style of performance. With her group, Monk performs excerpts from Dolman MusicTravellingQuarryEllis Islandand Turtle Dreams.


Where God Walked on Earth                             52mins     (1985)

Produced by Revel Guest, Directed John Bulmer. Narrated by Sir Michael Hordern

For the first time, film cameras penetrated the walls of St. Catherine’s Monastery which lies in the shadows of Mt Sinai.  It is a holy place for Christian, Moslem & Jew; where God spoke to Moses out of the burning bush and where the World’s greatest collection of beautiful rare icons and manuscripts can be found. This film provides an unusual insight into the thoughts and achievements of a small, caring community isolated in the middle of the desert.


CHIVALRY OF HEAVEN                                             53mins     (1985)

Produced & Directed by Revel Guest
Channel 4

On June 28th 1985 the Prince of Wales unveiled the most controversial sculptural commission of the 20thCentury – David Wynne’s ‘Risen Christ’ for the west front of Wells Cathedral. The carving was placed in the upper most niche and will reign over the most ambitious display of medieval sculpture in the world for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. From a seven foot block of limestone to the completed figure, this film chronicles the spiritual, as well as physical struggles on the path to completion.


1 x 48mins 1 x 60mins & 1 x 103 mins                                         (1987) 

Produced & Directed by Revel Guest
Channel 4 + Group W

Revel Guest spends a year travelling the globe with one of the greatest, most charismatic opera singers of our time, Placido Domingo.   The film records Placido rehearsing and performing in every major opera house, creating and mastering some of opera’s most demanding roles.   From Tosca in Barcelona to the set of Franciso Rosi’ film on Carmen in Andalucia bringing “the joy of music to as large an audience as I can”.  We see him onstage and behind the scenes - serenading his wife Marta on the streets of Mexico City, recording a TV special with Charles Aznavour , at a glamorous Hollywood charity night, in rehearsal for TV special in Los Angeles and relaxing with his family in Ronda.


THE HORSE IN SPORT                                        8 x 60 mins     (1987)

Produced by Revel Guest – Directors Revel Guest, John Bulmer, Henrietta Brunt, Roger Parsons
Channel 4 + BBC

The secret between horse and rider is one of power and trust; the thrill of this unique partnership is explored in a series of 8 films about different equestrian disciplines; Polo, Dressage, Eventing, Driving, Harness Racing, Rodeo and Show Jumping. This series goes beyond the spectacle to show the skill and dedication of the horse and rider and the danger that becomes a way of life. To compete at international level is to give everything – sometimes even life itself. The world of equestrianism is the only one where man is truly in partnership with an animal, and where men and women compete in absolute equality. 

Filmed all over the world, the programmes concentrate on 3 or 4 leading international riders in each sport, exploring and sharing the secret of their success.

5. Show Jumping  
6. Dressage
7. Polo
8. Eventing

1. Harness Racing
2. Driving
3. Rodeo
4. Rodeo II


GREEK FIRE                                                       10 x 30mins     (1989)

Produced by Revel Guest, Directed by Revel Guest, Roger Parsons, Jonathan Stamp
Channel 4 + A&E + Teleac + Hellenic TV
Narrated by Juliet Stevenson

Greek Fire is a series about modern man’s search for himself, which uses 2,500 years of history to stimulate our natural curiosity about our roots.  No culture in history has had a greater influence on modern man than classical Greece. Our current views on sex, science, religion, drama, politics, philosophy architecture and war all have their roots in the Greek city states which flourished five centuries before the birth of Christ. 


Twenty six hundred years ago, in an ancient Greek town called Miletus, the first scientific question was asked: is there a rational basis for the way the world works? As men looked at the world more and more carefully, it seemed to make less and less sense for there are certain things that man intrinsically cannot know.


The most famous statue from antiquity is a beautiful naked woman with no arms – Venus de Milo.  In the museum of our imagination there is an ideal beauty of wishful sensuality and almost mystical ecstasy which she represents. 


What is real? To that deceptively simple question, Plato, the greatest of Greek philosophers came up with a startling answer – one which has had incalculable consequences. His answer was: “Nothing is”.  Man’s search for truth started with the Ancient Greeks and we have been asking questions ever since.


Can man learn to live without war? In the nuclear age he has to, but history is against him. War is as old as civilisation itself and the greatest war epic, The Illiad, has survived for nearly 3,000 years of retelling but the rules have changed in a world where Homer’s poetic similes of destruction have become a reality.



The story begins in Sparta, but in Sparta Wisconsin. From Athens to the American Mid-West, the Greeks are part of the modern lives we lead. The geography they dominate is the geography of our imagination. 


The myth of Oedipus, through Freud, has had far more effect on us than it ever had on the Greeks. Freud linked myth to the movements of the consciousness. Yung called the collect unconsciousness a myth – producing part of the mind. 


The world is turning upside down and it is all in the name of an ideal, in a word invented by the Greeks – democracy.


Ancient Greek myths involve endless tales of seduction. In ancient Greek pottery, painting and poetry you find exuberant sexuality and uninhibited sexual activity in abundance.


The Greeks have left a legacy which challenges and shocks our modern attitude toward calamity and disaster. 


Architecture is the most public of the arts, shaping the way we live. Polyclitus said that proportion is not a matter of personal taste, but depends on mathematical laws of harmony, which can only be broken at the expense of beauty.


HISTORY’S TURNING POINTS Series I             13 x 25 mins     (1995)

Produced By Revel Guest , Directed by Justin Albert & Corisande Albert
Discovery + Learning Channel + La Cinquieme + SBS + Teleac

A landmark series on decisive moments in world history. With Asa Briggs as historical consultant, this series is both dramatic and educational.  Spanning 2,000 years, starting in 480 BC with the Battle of Salamis when the Greeks defeated the Persians and so heralded the Golden Age of Greece,  through to the dropping of the Atomic Bomb over Hiroshima in 1945, which marked the beginning of the nuclear age. The drama and conflicts have been dramatically reconstructed to bring to life these gripping stories and the crucial decisions, which changed the course of history.

8.  The Marriage of Pocahontas 

9. The Battle of Canada 

10. Zulus At War 

11. The Battle Tsushima 

12. Russian Revolution 

13. Atomic Bomb 

1. The Battle of Salamis 

2. The Great Wall of China 

3. The Battle of Actium 

4. The Conquest of Spain 

5. The Black Death

6. The Siege of Constantinople

7. Peru – Incas  


HISTORY’S TURNING POINTS  Series II          13 x 25 mins     (1997)

Produced By Revel Guest, Directed by Justin Albert & Corisande Albert
Discovery + Learning Channel + La Cinquieme + SBS + Teleac

The next 13 parts of the popular History’s Turning Points, brings history to life with the use of archival footage and re-enactments. 

8. Napoleon Invades Russia 

9. The Battle of Vietnam 

10. The Revolution in Paris 

11. Search For Troy 

12. Television Explosion  

13. Crisis In Korea

1. The Spanish Armada  

2. The Rise of the Mob

3. The Battle of Britain  

4. The Plot to Kill Hitler  

5. First Flight 

6. The Shot that Started
the Great War

7. The Incredible March 


HORSE TALES I                                                  13 x 25 mins     (1998) 

Produced by Revel Guest and  Corisande Albert          
Directed by Corisande Albert,  Fiona Caldwell, Simon Everson, Craig Moffit, Ruth Sessions, James Bates

Animal Planet +  Sleeping + TVNZ 

Thirteen half- hour stories about the special bond between humans and the horse. Filmed in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, we meet trainers, sportsmen and aspiring cowboys showing the challenges, sacrifices and the rewards of this special relationship. 

8. Cowboy Dreams 

9. Arabian Knights 

10. Start Event 

11. Wild Horses 

12. Pardubice Devils Race 

13. Big Top 

1. Shetland Grand National 

2. Rodeo 

3. Polo Kings 

4. Horse Whisperer

5. Canadian Mounties 

6. Melbourne Cup 

7. Stunt Horses 

HORSE TALES II                                                13 x 25 mins     (1999) 

Produced by Revel Guest, Corisande Albert, Ruth Sessions
Directed by Corisande Albert,  Fiona Caldwell, Simon Everson, Craig Moffit, Ruth Sessions, James Bates
Animal Planet + Sleeping Giant + TVNZ

Series two consisting of thirteen even more exciting horse tales filmed all over the world. 

8. Side Saddle

9. High Hopes

10. Road Warrior

11. Going for Gold

12. Mounted Police

13. Horses of Iceland

1. White Stallions

2. Spanish Horseman

3. Safari Ranger

4. Gentle Giants

5. Vet Rescue

6. Spin Control

7. Making Miracles


AMAZING ANIMAL ADAPTORS                             1 x 52mins     (1997)  

Produced & Directed By  Corisande Albert
Discovery Channel  + TVNZ

In every corner of the globe there exist Amazing Animal Adaptors and this film unveils the innermost evolutionary and biological secrets that enable animals to survive in nature’s most extreme environments. Stunning wildlife footage takes the viewer on an interactive, scientific adventure, encountering some of nature’s most extreme climates and amazing adaptors - from the Arctic Waters of the salmon’s stream to the rushing currents of the mammalian blood stream we see these animal adaptors in action. 


TRAILBLAZERS I                                                13 x 50 mins     (1998)

Produced by – Revel Guest & Justin Albert
Presenters include – Nick Danziger , Corisande Albert, Marcel Theroux, Martin Buckley, Jonathan Morris, Mariella Frostrup & Nick Clarke

Travel Channel + Discovery Channel Europe

Trailblazers take viewers on a series of intrepid journeys to some of the world’s most pristine environments, whether it’s swimming with hammerhead sharks, visiting a lost Tibetan kingdom or climbing Mongolia’s highest mountain.  Trailblazers meet with the local people and discover more about their lives … encountering chieftains and princes, witch doctors, gold miners and naturalists

8. Namibia

9. Peru

10. South Africa

11. United Arab Emirates

12. Windward Islands

13. Yukon

1. Costa Rica

2. Finland

3. Indonesia

4. Island

5. Laos

6. Malawi

7. Mongolia

TRAILBLAZERS II                                              13 x 50mins     (2000) 

Produced by – Revel Guest, Corisande Albert, Brain Hamilton, Noel Dockstader
Travel Channel + Discovery Europe + Discovery International

8. Nomads of the Sahara 

9. Nepal 

10. Lost Forest of the Andes  

11. North West Africa 

12. Coldest Town on Earth

13. Philippines

1. Afghanistan 

2. Bering Strait 

3. Moluccas Sea

4. Japan 

5. Down in the Ganges

6. Tracking in the Kalahari

7. Into The Amazon


HOW ANIMALS TELL THE TIME                          1 x  52 mins     (1999)

Directed by Corisande Albert
Animal Planet + Studio Hamburg + NHNZ

Without a watch how are bees able to return to the same food source every day at the same time? Survival requires not just being in the right place, but being in the right place at the right time. How Animals Tell The Time explores the mysteries of animal time using stunning location footage and archive. Looking at animals ranging from lions to humming birds, farmyard animals to giant Pacific turtles. This film uncovers how the seasons, stars, light and even genes affect animal clocks. 


SCIENCE OF LOVE                                            3 x 50mins     (2001) 

Directed by Ben Fox, James Thalheimer.
Producers – Revel Guest, Corisande Albert, James Thalheimer, Jay Stewart

Discovery Health Channel + Discovery International + Alliance Atlantis + Great North

We accept that love is beautiful, mysterious and complex. But what is the science behind this emotion? Why is staying in love so difficult? What actually is it, and why do so many of us fall under its magical spell? When we are captured in the spell, what is really happening inside our brain?  This 3-part series looks into the complex truth about love. 

1. Falling In Love   

2. Being in Love  

3. Staying in Love 


SLEEP & DREAMS                                              2 x 50mins     (2002) 

Directed by Geoffrey Smith, Jim Thalheimer
Produced By – Revel Guest, Penny Ritco, Corisande Albert, Caroline Hawkins, Jim Thalheimer
Discovery Health + Alliance Atlantis + Great north + Studio Hamburg

In this two part series discover the unexplained phenomenon of sleep and dreams. 

1 Science of Sleep 

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, yet we understand so little about sleep and how critical it is, not just for our survival, but also for our safety, productivity and performance. The Exxon Valdaz oil spill, the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy, the Bhopal toxic chemical leak, the space Station Mir collision – in every case personnel fatigue was a cited factor – somebody involved did not get enough sleep. It’s an increasingly critical worldwide problem. This documentary explores what really happens when we are sleep deprived, and investigates current research into a variety of sleep disorders. 

2 Science of Dreams 

Though we may not recall them, we each have four or five dreams a night. Do they really have meaning, or are they more akin to madness? By their very nature, dreams are difficult to analyze scientifically. They occur when we are at our least conscious, often evaporate before we wake, and don’t leave anything tangible behind to examine. Nevertheless, dreams have become an established and accepted subject in the scientific community, and THE SCIENCE OF DREAMS presents some of the world’s foremost experts in dream study.


Extreme Body Parts Series I                        3 x 60mins     (2001) 

Discovery Health Channel + Discovery International + Alliance Atlantis + Great North

Extreme Body Parts is a fascinating and invaluable examination of how we live as humans. With its stunning location footage and rare archival imagery, Extreme Body Parts is a unique exploration of how human life extends itself – well beyond nature’s intention. 

1 Heads 

2. Feet 

3. Hands

Extreme Body Parts Series II                       3 x 50mins     (2001)

Discovery Health Channel + Discovery International + Alliance Atlantis + Great North

1 Eyes & Ears

These amazing body parts open up the world of sound and vision… but we look inside too… to reveal how your ears function … how the eyes are truly the entranceto the soul. 

2. Nose & Mouth 

What makes the most kissable lips? Could we harness the extraordinary sensitivity of the tongue to help the blind see? Questions like these are answered in a revealing examination of the mouth and nose. 

 3. Bellies & Butts 

You probably don’t think much about these – until you’re in a bathing suit. Then they become the two most talked about, touched, touted and tantalizing parts of the body. They are of course you’re Belly and your Butt and thanks to Amazing Body Parts you’ll learn things about each that you never thought possible. 


LEGENDS OF THE LIVING DEAD                        4 x 50mins     (2002) 

Produced By Revel Guest & Corisande Albert
Directed by Andy Webb, Dickon Le Merchant

Some characters are larger than life- how many are bigger than death? For some of our heroes and villains, death is just the beginning. We reveal the barely believable stories of the life above the grave – where fame will not die. 

Each program explores a specific theme – evil, celebrity, power…and fear. Using a vivid mix of drama, rare archive footage, eye witness accounts and set against a rich international background, viewers will learn extraordinary secrets about the ironic characters they thought they knew so well. 

1. Evil Dead  

2. Tinsel Town  

3. The Power and The Glory 

4. Raising Hell